Popping in to say… Healing, celebrating, continuously learning to love my self

Popping in to say:

1. 1 Year and 7 months on testosterone.

2. 1 Month and 24 days post- top surgery: healing well and VERY happy with the results, physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

3. It’s not only my phone’s facial recognition that doesn’t recognise me – I don’t; and do, for the first time. I’ve come SO far, while struggling with self and society, and am very proud of myself for finally allowing myself to put myself first, in spurts, between the self-denying act of helping others first. Proud of allowing myself to transition (on all levels) after denying myself that me-ness for decades. It is, in one word, AWE-some (full of awe).

4. Feeling much better. Don’t need to go to Tara. “Just” need to rebuild my life. What shifted? Nothing, everything. (Completely new) meds probably helping. Also, this last week was shite because I had just come out of three weeks away from reality. Forgot that. Have now remembered that and put things in perspective. So. Real Life, as real as it gets. But ready for it. Because someone has to live my life, and I’m choosing me for that role.

5. It is my, Germaine S. Gabriel S. de Larch, 40th birthday a week from today. The best gift you can give me (and yourself and others), that I’m allowing myself to ask for is: on the day of my re-birthday (15 May), please write one (non-physical) thing you respect or love about me on my Facebook profile timeline, or by commenting on this post. In my continuing, and never-ending journey to self-love, seeing myself in the mirror you hold up is something I can use to accept, acknowledge, respect and love about myself.

6. I am still on social media break for the forseeable future, but want to allow the HUGE amounts of love and support on here to help me heal.
Thank you. Much love.


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