Happy re-birth-days to me #notestoself to/while healing #8

Mixed media, by Germaine S. Gabriel. S. de Larch, 14.05.2017

Happy re-birth-days to me. The best gift you can give me (and yourself and others), that I’m allowing myself to ask for is: please write one (non-physical) thing you respect or love about me. In my continuing, and never-ending journey to self-love, seeing myself in the mirror you hold up is something I can use to accept, acknowledge, respect and love about myself. #namasténotnarcissism #clarityindirtymirrors #notestoselfwhilehealing


2 thoughts on “Happy re-birth-days to me #notestoself to/while healing #8

  1. Happy re/birthday Germ. I love you like family, without having a reason really. But something I very much admire is your honesty, and your guts in having lived a lot of your recovery and later transition in clear view, not letting fear or shame take away your voice. I also admire the strength it takes to persist in living your life, privately and/or publicly, through an extraordinary amount of psychological and social pressure. Your tattoo, ‘fragile’, seems to describe another you, from another life, far further back than three years. So here’s to your strength, clarity and determination even through fragile times. Have a great year ahead.

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