why, oh why, do we call it “the ugly cry”? #truthscouchedintheclichedandtrite

Sobbing is a good sign. Treasure that sobbing. 

Take it from someone who misses it and feels it only in my chest, where it does nothing but swell up like a hedgehog balloon. 

The “ugly cry” is fucking cynically misnamed. It is the beautiful cry, because it is the only appropriate response to beauty, love and being seen.

Our cynicism (anger, hate, resentment, expecting the worst in society, people, our selves) is killing us. Our desensitisation to our violence we perpetrate on others and our selves is killing us. Because it slaps beauty and love, and our innate deservingness of both, in the face. 

To quote from “Community” again: “The need to destroy others often ends up hurting our self, because it is our self that wants to be destroyed”. (And the genius that this comes not from Abed but Pierce, geniusly named, the Villain Prick of the group who does nothing but hurt others…)


#truthscouchedintheclichedandtrite (first blog post about these truths)

Spirituality for me as a recovering-Christian worshipper of art and beauty


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