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Germaine S. Gabriel S. de Larch
Unapologetic (in training). Living & documenting life writ large in words, images & being #BeingHumaninFearfullyBeautifulWorld
Idealist, recovering addict, neurodivergent, Spoonie living with PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder (and all its intersectional struggles/opportunities); learning to live large, one day at a time by recreating my self and what that means for the world around me. 
Not a survivor, a warrior. Documenter in words and images of Life, Lived Large, as well as my transgender, testosterone-fuelled journey as a nonbinary feminist, etc. etc. etc. queer | Johannesburg, South Africa
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Read more about me here, because the history of my writing is the history of me: the seeds of Life Writ Large.
For my art, curriculum vitae, full list of exhibitions, academic papers, etc., visit my website: www.germainedelarch.co.za or follow my journey on Instagram | YouTube | Twitter or the Facebook page for this blog. Also on Issuu – for my exhibition catalogues and academic/conference presentations.

All images and text © Germaine S. Gabriel. S. de Larch, 2017, unless otherwise stated.