DISCLAIMER: Not as an apology or an explanation. Not even as a disclaimer, but words have power and disclaimers have a way of making people read the fine print.

Everything I write is a #notetoself, a Captain’s Log of my journey through life; a journal to me about my journey as a human being, a manual for living in the making, but a manual that will never be finished. I write it because I write what I like, what I love, and because I cannot not write. It is who I am. I write to remind me of the lessons learnt and to keep me on track, to keep me sane, to keep me searching, to keep me finding the answers to my questions.

Nothing is ever set in stone, except that diamond-bright solid core within the changeableness that is everything else. If what I write resonates with someone, that’s a bonus. If no one reads this blog, that’s completely ok and more than ok, because I’m reading it. And that’s why I write.