How & why to raise money for trans, queer & LGBQIA+ surgery through online funding – crowdfunding (South Africa)

How & why to raise money for trans, queer & LGBQIA+ surgery through online funding – crowdfunding (South Africa)

Why do it?

  • You may think people are not going to help you. They will surprise you; maybe not friends or family, but friends of friends and strangers will.
  • Asking for help is NOT embarrassing or shameful. Until medical aids cover these surgeries, what else are we supposed to do? Until government hospitals change their policies, waiting lists and transphobia, what are we supposed to do. ASK FOR HELP.
  • What have you got to lose?

How to do it:

  • Gogetfunding is a South African crowdfunding platform.
  • It is SUPER easy to use and if you follow each explained step, you shouldn’t have a problem.
  • If you do, contacting them (via email) is AMAZING as they respond within 12 hours and are SUPER helpful and friendly.
  • You need to have a PayPal account.
    Your bank account needs to be linked to your PayPal account (contact your bank. They’re super helpful if you can’t work out how to do it online).
  • You need PayPal to withdraw the funds into your bank account, which takes 5-10 working days to reflect in your bank account once you withdraw from PayPal.
  • The funds are ALWAYS IMMEDIATELY available in your PayPal, and you can withdraw money at any time from your PayPal into your linked bank account, even if you don’t reach your goal and need to pay for something surgery-related.
  • Even if you don’t reach your goal, you keep the money you have raised.
  • The fees Gogetfunding charges are super low, but remember: even though it is a South African funding platform, you can only receive US Dollars or other international or African currency, so you will have to pay tax and bank fees.
  • So, add about R3000 to your goal to cober these charges, taxes and bank fees.
  • BUT: if you withdraw small amounts at a time (no more than R5000), the tax and bank fees are MUCH less, so rather keep withdrawing small amounts to save in your bank account than waiting to withdraw anything over R10,000.
  • If you have PayPal issues or questions, do NOT contact PayPal. Your bank is much more helpful with PayPal issues.
  • Because of these fees, sharing your bank account details with South African / African friends is cheaper and easier, but gogetfunding is great way to get money from international friends.
  • BUT: gogetfunding does not allow you to share bank details on the funding page, so when you share your fund on social media, share your banking details there.
  • Share your gogetfunding site on all your social media pages (change setting on Facebook to public for this post), once a week. Start crowdfunding at least 6 months before surgery.
  • Ask GenderDynamiX,, TIA and PAI to share your funding platform on their websites.

This is all the info and advice I have. Please contact gogetfunding, PayPal, your bank’s PayPal department and the above trans NGOs for any questions you have, not me.