Being Non-Binary and a Trans Guy Isn’t a Contradiction

As I progress in my journey, because it’s always a journey, without end, this is something I’ve been grappling with wordlessly. And Sam just put it into words for me.

The further I go, and the more the testosterone masculinises me, the more I’ve been concerned with maintaining my non-binary, queer identity while being read as a cis man. The idea that Sam argues for here – that we can be both trans men or trans women AND non-binary, is something that resonates and enables me to assert my undeniable non-binari-ness, and my undeniable masculinisation.

Let's Queer Things Up!

When we think about non-binary folks, we often think about agender, neutrois, or “gender neutral” people who do not identify with the categories of man or woman in any conceivable way.

Those folks are real, and absolutely deserve visibility and validation.

But I also think this is a very limited understanding of what it means to be non-binary. If we only think about non-binary identities on these terms, we fail to encompass the diversity of this community and the radical ways of doing (or not doing) gender.

Non-binary is defined as someone who does not identify exclusively as masculine or feminine (thus apart from a cisnormative binary). This can actually include quite a number of people and (a)genders.

But we forget sometimes that non-binary can encompass more than just someone who disowns the binary altogether – it can include someone who reclaims it for their own ends, expression, or performance.


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